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About Me

Results-driven geoscientist with extensive knowledge in time-lapse monitoring methods, geophysical data analysis, survey planning, data processing and geophysical inversion. Communicative, personable, and team player. Interested in gaining experience in developing and applying new technologies that explore and monitor Earth's natural resources. Fluent in several coding languages.


Find out about my past and most recent projects.


I am a part of many associations and like to be of service to my profession. Contact me to find out more

Read more about my recent publications. If you would like access to these articles. Feel free to contact me!


Upcoming Events

April 19-30, 2021 - Online event


More about me

 I was born in Venezuela and moved to United States when I was 5 years old. I moved back to Caracas to finish high school and pursue Geophysical Engineering. Shortly after that I moved back to United States where I did my Masters in Geophysics. Now I live in Aachen, Germany while completing a dual degree PhD Program studying geothermal systems. 

I am an avid volunteer in professional organizations and engage in activities that increase diversity in my field. In 2020, I started contributing to open-source code and teaching other latinas how to code (GeoLatinas).

Grand Tetons of Wyoming

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