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Peer Reviewed

  • Joint analysis of time-lapse gravity and production data for gas reservoir. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts. Dallas 2016. Balza, A.,Li Y., Krahenbuhl, R. (Oral Presentation and expanded abstract)

  • Time-lapse geophysics in the Mesabi Iron District: A 4D aeromagnetic study. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts. San Antonio 2019. Balza, A. (Oral Presentation and expanded abstract)


EAGE Annual Meeting Paris 2017.

  • Integration of Time-lapse Gravity and Production Data to Monitor Gas Reservoirs. WS18: Geoscience & Reservoir Integration in Studies - Tools and Methods

AEMA  - American Exploration Mining Association Annual Meeting  2018 

  • Time-lapse geophysics in the Mesabi Iron District - How can Geophysics help monitor your resources

Transform 2020 

 Lightning Talk  - Software Underground Virtual Conference 

  • GeoLatinas Coding Group 

(upcoming)  AGU Fall Meeting 2020

Oral Presentation - Open-Source Packages and FAIR Software: Challenges with Identifying the Best Tools, Communicating Data Quality, and Making Analytical Code FAIR II eLightning

  • Geolatinas Digital Literacy Toolkit: A Diverse Community Developing Coding Skills for the Open Source World 

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