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Work Experience

PhD Researcher | EASYGO  |  2021 - Present


Innovative Training Network on ‚Efficiency and Safety of Geothermal Operations’

for 13 PhDs within the IDEA League and 10 industry partners,

led by Dr. Maren Brehme.

Main institute: RWTH Aachen - Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Department 

Lead Supervisor: Dr. Florian Wagner 

Research visits: ETH Zürich, Fraunhofer, Geophysica 


Geophysicist | EDCON-PRJ | 2013 - 2021


Critically evaluate and analyze gravity and magnetic data in the field and provide quality control, processing reports and overall data analysis to clients from different disciplines. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Rigorously process marine and airborne gravity and magnetic data using in-house software and Oasis Montaj to assess noise, navigation bias and instrument malfunction.

  • Communicate company workflow and products to clients through email, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and attendance in industry events.

  • Interpret gravity and magnetic data using inversion, modeling, and physical techniques.

  • Creating, documenting, and communicating processing results through a series of presentations and publications which promotes the use of gravity and magnetic data for exploration.

Graduate Research Assistant | Colorado School of Mines | 2016-2017


Collaborated in an academic environment as part of CGEM (Center for Gravity and Electromagnetic methods) led by Professor Yaoguo Li

Key Results:

  • Integrated time-lapse gravity data with water/gas production data to monitor groundwater encroachment using inversion software in a gas reservoir in Western China. 

  • Created a workflow to include geologic and production data in time-lapse gravity inversion

  • Prepared materials for reports, presentations, and submission to peer-reviewed journal publications

  • Utilized potential field inversion algorithms in Fortran/Python and developed a 3D interpolation algorithm in Matlab.

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